Resources For Designers


  • Springboard’s FREE UX Design Learning Path – This is how I got started! “Learn UX design with this free curriculum covering the best techniques and methods like user research, personas, prototyping and wireframing.” (62+ Hours of learning material)
  • Interaction Design Foundation – online courses focused on the UX field; you can earn industry recognised certificates
  • Lynda – hundreds of courses across every tech-related topic imaginable, check out their starter or advance learning paths for UX


Practice and giving back

  • WeeklyUX – Weekly UX challenges
  • DailyUI – Daily UI challenges for 100 days
  • OpenIDEO – collaborate on design projects for social change; also checkout their Introduction to Human Centred Design course

Career resources

  • Hired – Get matched with a job you love.
  • Seen by Indeed – Free job search resources: get connected with quality recruiters from major companies and free, professional resume feedback.
  • Designer Hangout – Invite-only, professional UX design network of 10,000+ UX practitioners.
  • UXMastery – various UX resources including a blog, forum, workshops and Slack group
  • San Diego Digital Designers – Slack group for digital designers in San Diego.
  • Sidebar – 5 Design links every day
  • Weekend Guide to Crafting Your Portfolio – Free step-by-step guide of Medium articles walking you through the process of building your portfolio
  • Bestfolios – learn from successful portfolios as inspiration for how to design yours
  • CreativeMornings – a free in-person breakfast-time lecture series for the creative community


  • Sip – Colour management tool for Mac (available through SetApp)
  • PixelSnap – The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen (available through SetApp)
  • Cleanshot – Capture your screen in a superior way! (available through SetApp)
  • Goldie – A designer’s ruler with superpowers (available through SetApp)
  • UX Power Tools – Sketch design systems to jump start your project
  • Unsplash – Do-what-you-what, completely free photos
  • DiverseUI and Nappy – Stock photos of diverse people for personas and mockups
  • Adobe Comp CC or OmniGraffle – paired with an Apple Pencil, these apps make wireframing digitally a joy

For focused work

  • Traumbaum – Infinite piano music
  • Noizio – Customisable background noise  (available through SetApp)
  • SaneBox – Automatically sort your email; I would pay twice what I do for this service, please don’t tell SaneBox that! It saves me many hours every week on email.