Textbar: Ben Franklin’s Virtues

I previously wrote about implementing Ben Franklin’s Virtues in OmniFocus (here). I have found that putting this information in OmniFocus feels like task manager clutter as I’m not really acting on the information, it’s more of a reminder to myself. I decided I wanted a way of simply seeing the current week’s virtue at all times, regardless of what I’m doing on my Mac, along with the virtue’s full explanation.

After an hour of frustration and Googling I came up with this script using the app TextBar to put the text in the Mac menubar: Ben.scpt

Save the file in a folder named “scripts” in your home folder then set the script to “osascript $HOME/scripts/Ben.scpt”; I also set the refresh interval to 10000 so it’s not constantly running the script unnecessarily.


Textbar: Ben Franklin’s Virtues2016-09-25T23:06:50+00:00

→ A new email trick with SaneBox, Spark, and OmniFocus

Here’s a cool way to use SaneBox, OmniFocus, and Spark together to add emails to OmniFocus.

You can also do this using a custom swipe gesture in Spark through the More action which activates the iOS sharesheet…but, as I am using all four swipe gestures, and the sharesheet adds an extra tap, I prefer Brett’s solution:

A new feature that SaneBox added recently, SaneFwd, lets you set up custom folders that automatically forward emails to one or more addresses. I was excited because now I could use a “move to folder” shortcut to send emails to my OmniFocus mail drop. When the SaneFwd feature first launched it lacked the OmniFocus domain, so I requested it and was just informed that it’s been added.

This makes it easy for me to add OmniFocus capabilities to Spark, which it’s currently lacking. I created a folder called @OmniFocus that forwards to my sync.omnifocus.com address. By customizing a swipe gesture in Spark settings, I can now do a long swipe to the left to move an email to my custom SaneFwd folder, automatically creating a task for it in OmniFocus.


→ A new email trick with SaneBox, Spark, and OmniFocus2016-06-23T05:31:05+00:00