→ A new email trick with SaneBox, Spark, and OmniFocus

Here’s a cool way to use SaneBox, OmniFocus, and Spark together to add emails to OmniFocus.

You can also do this using a custom swipe gesture in Spark through the More action which activates the iOS sharesheet…but, as I am using all four swipe gestures, and the sharesheet adds an extra tap, I prefer Brett’s solution:

A new feature that SaneBox added recently, SaneFwd, lets you set up custom folders that automatically forward emails to one or more addresses. I was excited because now I could use a “move to folder” shortcut to send emails to my OmniFocus mail drop. When the SaneFwd feature first launched it lacked the OmniFocus domain, so I requested it and was just informed that it’s been added.

This makes it easy for me to add OmniFocus capabilities to Spark, which it’s currently lacking. I created a folder called @OmniFocus that forwards to my sync.omnifocus.com address. By customizing a swipe gesture in Spark settings, I can now do a long swipe to the left to move an email to my custom SaneFwd folder, automatically creating a task for it in OmniFocus.