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As a User Interface/User Experience Designer with visual design, print design, and HTML+CSS skills, I believe great design is intuitive, iterative, minimal, aesthetically pleasing, honest, socially/environmentally responsible, and invisible—it empowers the user to accomplish their tasks without noticing that the product was designed.

I am currently a UX team-of-one working remotely from San Diego for UniversityTickets, a small company building white-label SaaS box office ticketing software for colleges and universities. I am seeking a mid level UI/UX Designer position at a company where there are other designers I can collaborate with. I care a lot about making a positive difference in the world by crafting intuitive and delightful digital experiences, that’s why I’d really love to work for an innovative agency or mid-to-large size company.



Responsive WEB Point-of-Sale & Admin Ticket Platform

Responsive WEB White-Label Ticket Platform

Case Study Still In Progress

Industry-Leading White-Label PDF Ticket

Ticket Scanning iOS+Android App

Case Study Coming Soon