Leo excels at user experience design, aesthetic visual design, problem solving, and technology. He has a high expectation of quality in the products he works on.


2.28 ft³ of blood, muscle, & bone: designer, scholar, Gryffindor, Australian-at-heart, surfer, secular humanist, Redditor, and technology enthusiast.

Leo grew up in Hudson Valley, New York. He studied marketing at the State University of New York at New Paltz and spent a semester living and studying in Melbourne, Australia.

After graduating from university he began working for UniversityTickets. Since July, 2014 he has worked remotely so he can surf more and escape the cold NY winters.

Leo plans his life far into the future. He is ambitious and knows what his goals are. He is not slowing down or maintaining the status quo. He is okay with not being normal, okay with being a little crazy, okay with thinking outside the box. Because the people who think differently are the ones who change the world.